And the winner of Challenge #15 (Black and White) is…

Viddy, Age 12, USA

The winner is decided by a random drawing.  Each piece was assigned a number. I used the site to choose the winning number.  The more weekly challenges you enter, the more chance you have to win! (Adults can enter, too!)

Congratulations, Viddy!

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The Valley

by Alyssa, Age 11, USA

In this piece I used 11 by 8.5 paper, and graphite pencils. It is a scene of a rabbit in a beautiful valley. The Valley by Alyssa

WEEKLY ART CHALLENGE #16 (Something You Are Thankful For)

Deadline: November 24, 2017

  Like any skill you want to learn, drawing and painting takes practice. The weekly art challenge is designed to help keep you practicing. This week in the US, we celebrate the holiday Thanksgiving. So this week’s theme is: SOMETHING YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR This could be anything you are glad you have: your family, […]


By Jerimiah, Age 11, USA

This is a very happpy wolf because its friday! For this art piece i use a copic marker and mechanical pencil. Wolf by Jerimiah

Giant Panda

By Victoria, USA

Used: 6B Pencil and Mechanical Pencil I was inspired by looking at photos on google of Giant Pandas. I was also challenged by both of my children to draw this; it’s been such a long time I do not sketch. I am a recent graduate graphic designer from Full Sail and this has motivated me […]

Angles of a Zebra

By Yanyliz, Age 13, USA

This artwork was created with art pencils and copic markers. This art piece is a polaroid taken of a zebra in its natural habitat. Angles of a Zebra by Yanyliz