Realistic Self-Portrait

By Leann, Age 12, Canada

This is a Self-Portrait of me! I only show A few strokes of the hair for a unique design. One is a close-up, as for the second is a full copy (Image).   Realistic Self-Portrait by Leann

A crying star

By Ding-Fu, Age 8, Taiwan

It is described that a star is crying in the sky. In the dark brightening.The size is 25.5x18cm. Cheng Ding Fu has used 2B pencil and watercolor pencils for painting. A Crying Star by Ding-Fu

A Shark

By Hong Kai, Age 12, Taiwan

This a shark. The size is 15.5x21cm. It was painted by watercolor. A Shark by Hong Kai


By Lekshmy, Age 10, United Arab Emirates

my creations     Art by Lekshmy

Sea Shore

By Aarush, Age 9, USA

This is a canvas painting the size of painting is 4×6.i drawed a peaceful sea which looks very cool and calm. Thank you. Sea Shore by Aarush


By Zi Long, Age 11, Taiwan

This is a sailfish in the sea. The size is 15.5x21cm. Wang Zi Long has used watercolor to paint it in simple yellow and blue. Sailfish by Zi Long