Air pollution

By Sachi, Age 10, USA

Air pollution making sun unhappy and Earth hotter, I used sharpie, pencil and pastel to give that shade on construction paper, by sachi Air pollution by Sachi


By Sachi, Age 10, USA

I used pencil to make music notes coming out of different instruments in a piece of paper, my favorite instrument is the clarinet. Music by Sachi

Aquarium life

By Sachi, Age 10, USA

The home for all sea creatures is called an aquarium, i used color pencils, sharpie, ruler on construction paper and created it, by sachi Aquarium Life by Sachi

Best friends forever

By Sachi, Age 10, USA

Best friends are forever, in good times and bad times, ups and downs always stay together Best Friends Forever by Sachi

Fire Dress

By Naira, Age 16, Canada

A dress I designed for one of my favourite KPOP music artists. The song is called ‘Playing With Fire’ by BlackPink. Fire Dress by Naira


By Ayesha, Age 12, Canada

These are 3 Mandalas that I’ve created over the past week. These are the materials that I used. For the Turquoise Mandala, I used sketchbook paper, turquoise ultra- fine tipped Sharpie, an eraser, and a pencil. For the Black Mandala, I used sketchbook paper, a pencil, black ultra-fine tipped Sharpie, and an eraser. For the […]