Art Contests for Kids

There are lots of online art contests for kids, and as I come across them I’ll post them here. To find out more about a contest, click on the contest name below.

Art contests offer children some great life lessons:

  • Every contest has guidelines and a deadline, which gives a child a specific goal to work toward.
  • The process of creating the artwork itself builds self-confidence, as the child goes from an “I can’t draw” mindset to one of “I can enter this contest — and I might win!”
  • The art children enter should be their best work (it doesn’t matter the skill level), teaching them that no matter what they do, they should do it well.
  • If they win, there’s the fun of the reward and learning to be a gracious winner.
  • If they don’t win, there’s the practice of dealing with disappointment and being a good sport.
  • Win or lose, when your child creates a piece of art and enters it in a contest, she has tried, which is the first step to success.


 Contests with Deadlines

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest (International) 

DEADLINE: Varies by Country (check website)

AGES: 15 and under


Graceful Envelope Contest (International) 

DEADLINE: March 27, 2017

Ages: All


State Fish Art Contest (International)

DEADLINE: March 31, 2017

Ages: Grades K-12


2nd Biennial of Small Graphic Forms Contest (International)

DEADLINE: March 31, 2017

Ages: 12 – 25


Celebrating Art 2017 Spring Contest (US and Canada)

DEADLINE: April 6, 2017

Ages: Grades K-12


Radiant Peace Art Contest (International) 

DEADLINE: Postmarked by April 11, 2017

Ages: Grades 1-12


Advena Children’s World Art Competition (International)

DEADLINE: April 15, 2017

Ages: Up to 15 years

Science Without Borders Art Challenge (International)

DEADLINE: April 24, 2017

Ages: 11-19


International Environmental Children’s Art  Contest (International)

DEADLINE: May 31, 2017

Ages: 7-15


Ned Smith Center Youth Art Contest (US Only) 

DEADLINE: June 1, 2017

Ages: Grades 1-12


Bow Seat 2017 Ocean Awareness Student Contest (International) 

DEADLINE: June 19, 2017

Ages: Grades 6 – 12 or their equivalent


2018 MAP (Mangrove Art Project) Children’s Art Calendar (Tropical and Subtropical Nations)

DEADLINE: July 31, 2017

Ages: 6-16


Online Gallery


This isn’t a contest, but a place to exhibit artwork:

Little Sketchers Online Art/Writing Gallery 


Ages: All Children



Ongoing Contests


Child Artisan Monthly Art Contest (International)

DEADLINE: Last day of each month

AGES: 17 and under


CraftyShops Monthly Art Contest (US only)

Deadline: Voting ends the last day of each month

Ages: 12 and under


ESA Kids Art Competitions (International)

DEADLINE: Last day of each month

Ages: 12 and under Monthly Craft Contest (US only)

DEADLINE: Last day of each month



Look and Learn Art (International)

Deadline: Last day of each month

Ages: 18 and under


Tee Juice Art Contest (US and Canada)


Ages: All ages


Your Best Shots Photography Contest (US Only)


Ages: 13 and under


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97 thoughts on “Art Contests for Kids

  1. Hi, we have a new Mystery Build contest underway! Thanks!

    2015 Mystery Build Art Competition

    Create a work of art using ONLY the materials provided in a Mystery Build kit! What’s inside? We can’t tell you, but you can expect to find some common art materials like wood, clay, cloth, metal, and plenty of surprises. All 2015 kits contain the same materials, so each creator faces the same challenges and limitations. It’s an engaging project that combines the exploration of art, the challenge of a puzzle, and the fun of a game.

  2. I am intersted & aim in enducation art but properal knowledge in not’s ddeawin sketching tip in my email adders send please

  3. Hi ,Im just a 11 year old girl from the uk . And would really like to enter a ccompetion do you know any great sites in the uk?

  4. Hello! Samantha,
    Thank you for sending the links to the art contests. My dad just posted my art for the NRA Art Contest. I drew a black squirrel and a rabbit. I wish that I could share it with you, but me, my Mom and my Dad are not sure if we should send it while the contest is still going on. So I’ll just wait a while. Instead, I’ll share a different art work. 🙂

    • Hi Iris,

      That’s great! I LOVE drawing/painting animals, so I think the NRA contest is a lot of fun. I think your mom and dad are right. My children have entered contests before, but I never post their work anywhere until the contest is over and prizes have been awarded. Here’s a drawing my son did for the State Fish Art Contest. I really like that contest — it comes up in the spring, so I’ll post more info on it as it gets closer. He drew it when he was 11 (now he’s 19!), and he won a prize! I hope you win, too! But either way, I still think it’s fun to enter. I enter an illustration contest every year for my state, but I haven’t placed yet. Still trying! 🙂

  5. Hi !
    We have a new, 8th international art competition for children dedicated to Anton Chekhov. The contest is open to children from all around the world from age 4 to 17 years.

    Illustrations to Anton Chekhov’s works;
    Portrait of Anton Chekhov;
    Landscape in Chekhov’s works;
    Humor in Anton Chekhov’s works.

    All entries must be postmarked by April 1, 2016.

    Full information is at

    The application form is at

    It would be very much appreciated if you could get it listed.

  6. I love drawing. This Page is very important to me. I want to know about more other drawing contest. It will be better if you send me some links of drawing contest in the worldwide via my e-mail.

  7. Dear Sam,

    I’m entering the US Annual Cover Contest. I plan to enter one contest every month or maybe every week if I’m really inspired. 😀
    Actually, I draw everyday because there are just so many cute and awesome animals to draw.
    Thank you for sharing the contest info.

    Just me,
    Iris 🙂

  8. Hi Samantha – you have a great website. We wanted to share our new art competition with you – it supports the new Sustainable Development Goals and is open to young people 12-18 years of age in the Asia-Pacific region. At the above link is a Poster for teachers and others to download and share. The competition is open now until June 5, 2016.
    many thanks, Lesley

  9. Hi Sir,

    Yesterday I had posted one drawing for my son Madhav Binu for this month’s contest “Best Friends”. Please note that, so far it is not published in the group of entries…
    Kindly check as my son put his time expecting to see his art in the entries 🙁


  10. Sir, Good Evening I am I.P Atulugama studying university of Moratuwa .I am teacher in charge Siththraneni ART Institute. My students interested in arts and drawing competitions, I came to know from samanthasbell website that you interested to list your competition please send details about competition to my email .Thank you

  11. Hi, my friend and I have submitted a work for the monthly competition. However, it’s been a week and we can’t still see our works on the contest entries’ page. Is there an elimination in the entry part? Also, how can we learn if our works won the contest? Thanks in advance…

  12. Hi Samantha,

    I am looking for any contests using blocks (building blocks) for toddlers aged 5. Do you know any place where we do have these type of contests.


  13. Hi ,

    My son’s drawing which is submitted yesterday is not yet published in the site.. Can you check….


  14. Hi,
    I can not see my artwork on april month contest. I have send an comment a week ago, but still can not see my artwork. Thank you.

  15. Hi im an 8th grader. My name is Armoni and i like to draw but i don’t have anything to do with my drawings so i have thought of sending them to art contests but i need help finding a contest because i have never entered one before i was hoping some of my art can get me a scholarship for college: Can you text me back asap

  16. I am a 15 year old, by name Chiaka MaryJane from Nigeria. i have been drawing since I was five, but has never had the opportunity to showcase my works. I love to draw manga art, nature, still life and other features. I’d like to post my drawings somewhere where they could be appreciated. I live in a very rural area in south east Nigeria. Please respond.

  17. We are from India please up to date certain competitions. Your site is very good to the young children who are interested in drawing. When I knew your site my son started to participate in the international painting competitions. He is a good in drawing and painting. Please inform us about the latest painting competitions for children.

    • So glad you like the site! I try to keep them updated on this page. I also send out updates in the free newsletter. I have had lots of projects due lately, though, and I haven’t sent it in a couple of weeks — I will get back on track! 🙂

  18. Is there a horse drawing contest because I have an AMAZING horse drawing it is a Frisian stallion cantering on the beach at night with a full moon.