Samantha-Bell5My name is Samantha Bell, and I’m an author, illustrator, artist, teacher, and mom of four wonderful kids. I love finding ways to create things, and I love sharing them with you! If you have an idea of something you want to make, but you don’t know quite where to start, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll share  ideas, tips, techniques, books, videos, and websites to help you along your creative journey.

If you don’t have formal art training, don’t worry! I don’t either! In fact, my degree is in history. But I do love to draw!


Ever since I was little, I always enjoyed art and writing. I didn’t really pursue either, though, until a couple years after college. Then one summer, my sister suggested I teach art to my nieces and nephews.  Me? Teach art? The idea sounded a bit crazy, but I could show them what I knew.

And it went really well! So I kept teaching the kids, as well as teaching myself with books from the library (these were the pre-internet days). And I kept improving. 🙂  You can see examples of my artwork here.

Twenty years later, I’m still teaching art to children and adults. I also teach creative writing at our homeschooling co-op, and I present lessons and workshops at schools, libraries, conferences, and writer’s groups. I’ve sold a number of paintings and commissioned works to individuals.

I’m also publishing work online and in magazines, as well as writing nonfiction books for children. I’ve illustrated a number of picture books, including four of my own. And all with a degree in history!

Is there something you’d like to create? You can do it! Just grab your favorite supplies and get started!



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  1. I have been trying to lear how to draw for a long long time, since i was a child. I still cannot do it. I haven’t gave up on my dream yet. I hope to be able to do it with your lessons.

    Best regards,

    • Yes, don’t give up! I am convinced drawing is a skill that can be acquired, much like playing a musical instrument. Sometimes, I think we expect to draw things well the first few times we try, and if we don’t, we often decide we’re not gifted in that area. But if you were to pick up a musical instrument, you wouldn’t expect to be able to play it well until you had practiced many, many hours. I believe drawing is the same. It takes lots of hours of practice; some of us even need more hours than others. 🙂 But you can do it!!!

  2. Hi,
    How long does it take for a picture to be added to the site? We have been trying to add my daughters self portrait for the weekly portraits and it’s not there. If not accepted will you let us know?

    • It’s up! They don’t go up automatically — I have to post them (that way I can make sure they’re family-friendly). 🙂 Running a bit behind yesterday.

  3. Dear Samantha,

    After reading your story in your childhood I am excited to put some of my daughter’s artwork for contest, just to encourage her. I am living in HK, and recently she has a very good painting helped by a local drawing class teacher as well. Do you know where I can put her drawing in contest?

    Best Regards