Drawing Step by Step

On this page, you’ll find pictures for drawing step by step. Each lesson begins by sketching the basic shapes you see. This way, you can focus on the position of the image on the paper. You can also check on the proportion of the shapes in regards to each other. Then you’ll continue by adding more shapes, and finally completing the drawing with the defining lines and details.

Drawing step by step is a great exercise for both adults and children, as it helps the artist concentrate on the shapes of the lines and how they connect to each other. Remember, drawing is seeing — when you can see how the pieces form the whole, you can create a more realistic drawing.

Just click below on the image you want to draw. Be sure to check back for new lessons!

Written Instructions

gecko finalwolf-drawing eagle-drawing1horse-drawingdog-drawing-5chickadee-drawing 9bear-drawing-1penguin-drawing-10palm-tree004-2swan drawing step by stept rex drawing finalhorse drawing step by step  crow and pitcher final



How to Draw a Rose Bud


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16 thoughts on “Drawing Step by Step

  1. Hi, Miss Bell!

    I really love your lessons and I am 12 years old. I would appreciate it if you’d give steps for drawing human faces and poses. I really need them and would appreciate it!!

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. I am 11 years old and I love to draw your website has helped me a lot of its a competition, art homework or just plain fun I always come to your website. Also I think you should add cartoon/chibi people and animals because I think that will be cute. Thanks xxx

  3. hi samantha

    I love the site and drawing but I can’t find many 3D pictures which is really wha I’m after. other than that this site is wonderful!!!

    thanks heaps

  4. Hi sam
    I need some drawing in step by step i.e still life and vegetable. I am going to give my exam as a Drawing Master in next month. I am not a good in it. Kindly help me in this regard.


  5. Hi! I’m 10 and I can draw very well. I like to help teach my younger friends and anyone in general how I draw. I would really like it if you added something where you could make your own step by step tutorials.