In this video, a reference photo is compared with a realistic drawing. The artist wanted the drawing critiqued, so I provided him with some tips. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful tips well.

The reference photo is from Mom.Me. 

If you want to try drawing this crab, you can download it as a PDF HERE


Drawing Overlapping Objects

When we say one object overlaps another, we mean that Object #1 covers part of Object #2. This often happens when one object is closer or  in front of another one. When drawing objects that overlap, it’s easier to start with the object that is in front FIRST. Then draw the object that is behind […]

Using Gesso


It seems like every day I learn something new about creating art. This article about using gesso is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s a complete lesson about the product, how it is used, and why you might want to use it with your acrylic or oil paintings. You can read it all HERE.


Stippling with Pen and Ink

Stippled drawing of a raccoon by Goldencloud Stippling involves using dots instead of lines to create a drawing. Supplies Here’s what you’ll need to create your own piece of art by stippling: Drawing paper (When I’m using pen, I like to use a heavier paper, such as Bristol or even cardstock. ) Pencils Erasers Pens (I like […]

Adding Watercolor to Scratchboard

Scratchboard and Watercolor Combining the mediums of scratchboard with watercolor can produce some beautiful results. Here’s what you’ll need:  SUPPLIES: Finished Scrathboard Piece Watercolors Small paint brushes Palettes (A styrofoam plate works well) Paper Towels Containers with Water Place your finished scratchboard piece on your work space. Now that the drawing is completed, let’s add the watercolors. Decide […]