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My name is Samantha Bell, and I’m a writer, an artist, and a children’s book author and illustrator. I’m also an art and writing teacher. On this site, I want to help you find the tools and know-how you need to build your creative confidence. Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

how to draw a sea turtle

Sea Turtle from Draw 25 Wild Animals!

What You’ll Find:

Firefly Night - Scratchboard and Watercolor


Table of Contents:  Here you’ll find a list of all the free lessons on the site.




New Stuff (Blog)Whether it’s a new lesson, an art submission, a printable, a special opportunity, or a link to a great site, you’ll find it here.


t rex drawing 14Drawing Step by Step: Follow these step by step directions to create your own drawings!



running horse coloring page

Free Printables: These are not just for the young! If you’re learning to draw, coloring pages can be a great resource. For little ones, download the dot to dot drawing pages.



Art Contests for Kids:  This list is continually updated to keep it current, and it’s organized by deadlines. Gotta love those deadlines!



 More Resources: Find more great information from around the Web.



berriesDaily Drawing Prompts: It’s all about practice! Here’s something different to draw every day.



 Art Supplies Recommendations: Some of my favorite supplies are listed here.




Your Work: Share what you’ve created! This is the place you’ll find artwork, writing, and project ideas from others online. 




My Stuff:  You can find my books for children, samples of my art and illustrations, the projects I’m working on, and my online store




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14 thoughts on “Samantha Bell

  1. Hello My name Madhuram and I am from India …….I am a good writer and artist….but I cannot draw without seeing it. I would like to participate in one of your competitions but I cannot find one that suits me please help me out I am 12……Thank you ….. Can I post an image so that u can get an idea???????? Thank u please help me be more better in both the fields

    • Hi Madhuram,

      I post the competitions I find on this page: If you don’t see one that suits you yet, just keep checking back. I post the competitions as soon as I find them, and there will be more in the next few months. I also have an art challenge, though it’s not a regular contest. You can find it here:

      My art is realistic, so I prefer to look at something when I draw. That is a very good thing to do when you are practicing. You learn how the object/person/animal is shaped and what it really looks like. If you draw it enough, eventually you will know how to draw it from memory.

      There are some free image sites I like to visit when I am looking for something to draw. They are MorgueFile and PaintMyPhoto. Try them out! I think you will like them too. 🙂

      • Thank u very much…I would definitely try them…any tips about writing??I am currently writing a ‘info novel’ as I call it but all the plots in my mind just mix up . Then I am confused what to write and I close it…please give me an advise I would be very thankfully😊😊😊

        • I have a few writing tips here:

          But I need to put up a lot more. I’ll look for more from other sites and post them, too. In the meantime, you might want to try creating an outline for your story. Some people write as they go along, but I prefer to use an outline. That way, I can keep the plot straight in my mind. 🙂