By Arnav, Age 7, USA

I have used A4 size paper,black sharpie for border and crayons along with pencil colors.Iam fond of guitar and want to learn how to play it. Guitar by Arnav

The End

By Stephanie, USA

I drew a cassette and then drew images from the song The End by Nancy Sinatra. The End by Stephanie

Mandala Eighth Note

By Ayesha, Age 12, Canada

I was inspired by mandalas from Pinterest. I drew an eighth note filled with mandalas. The materials I used were a Black Ultra- Fine Tipped Sharpie, my sketchbook, an HB #2 pencil, an eraser and my imagination. Mandala Eighth Note by Ayesha  

Bird of Colours

By Ayesha, Age 12, Canada

I was inspired by a picture of a bird I saw online, and it was the most beautiful bird I’ve ever seen! I used pencil crayons for this piece. Bird of Colours by Ayesha


By Ayesha, Age 12, Canada

I used an 8B and a 6B graphite pencils, putty rubber, and a piece of paper for this piece. Eye by Ayesha

Unsaid Words

By Isabel, Age 11, USA

My art is about one of my favorite artist, Taylor Swift! It is on a regular piece of white printer paper. I used markers (gold, black, and brown.) I also used colored pencils. I wanted it to show that great art isn’t always made from fancy paints and canvases, you can have fun and make […]


By Aiden, Age 7, USA

Aiden was admiring a water color painting of a parrot at his grandmother’s house, this was his interpretation of a parrot. Painted Summer 2017, it’s a 11″ x 14″ water color. Parrot by Aiden

Self Portrait

By Aiden, Age 7, USA

This is a self portrait of Aiden that was painted Summer 2017. It’s a water color with Aiden’s favorite colors and patterns, and a sword thrown into the middle as most all of his artwork. Photo is 11″ x 14″. Self-Portrait by Aiden