Realistic Self-Portrait

By Leann, Age 12, Canada

This is a Self-Portrait of me! I only show A few strokes of the hair for a unique design. One is a close-up, as for the second is a full copy (Image).   Realistic Self-Portrait by Leann


By Lekshmy, Age 10, United Arab Emirates

my creations     Art by Lekshmy


By Raghav, Age 10, India

Size a3 Acrylic paintings & pencil shading Painting by Raghav


By Naufa, Age 3, United Arab Emirates

Colourfull fruits coloured in pencils Fruits by Naufa

With Brave Wings We Fly

By Rachel, Age 11, USA

A fluffy bird siting on a snow sprinkled tree branch, with a beautiful background that consists of eye catching blues and purples with a descending pastel sky line. With Brave Wings We Fly by Rachel


By Zophie, Age 9, USA

  i girl at night walking named gale Gale by Zophie