By Amena, Age 11, Canada

a realistic male deer “I dream my paintings, and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh Time: 6 hrs 38 mins Deer by Amena

Solar System

By Sarvesh, Age 4, Canada

My son (Sarvesh) drew this picture as he likes the solar system Solar System by Sarvesh

Expressions of girls

By Hani, Age 12, Pakistan

My art is an imagination in which I have sketched the expressions of girls. And one of sketch if of a Disney princess Elsa By Hani


By Melika, Age 11, Iran

In this scheme, the face of a woman is divided into two parts & Paintings with ecoline and watercolor and pencil on A3 canvas Face by Melika

Mother with Baby and More

By Lavanya, Age 14, India

RamAzan, agriculture, mother with baby, save water, red art   All drawing are painting with crayon, fabric paint .A3 paper By Lavanya

Heeya’s art work 2016-2017

By Heeya, Age 13, India

Greetings from India! I love drawing sketches of human and animal faces. I’m have keen interest in learning new technics, which I usually learn at Samantha’s site. Thank You Samantha for giving such a huge platform to showcase our talent. Namaste! Heeya