Join me March 24=25, 2017 at the Write2Ignite Writing Conference at North Greenville University! This two day conference is designed especially for Christians who write for children or young adults. There’s are also workshops for teens interested in writing! I’ll be leading two workshops: What NOT to do When Writing a Picture Book and Writing Nonfiction. Hope to see you there!

Date: March 24, 2017—March 25, 2017
Event: Write2Ignite Writing Conference
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Get ‘er Down In Writing!

Writing Wednesday: By Sandy Carlson

By Sandy Carlson The rules of writing are simple: 1)      Get ‘er down in writing. 2)      Look ‘er over and fix the mistakes. 3)      Let someone else read ‘er. 4)      Fix ‘er up again. 5)      Repeat 3 and 4 as often as necessary until you can’t change anything else.  The first rule is to “Get […]

Telephone Pictionary

Writing Wednesday

Here’s a fun writing game for a class, a get-together, or in our case, a family reunion! It’s called Telephone Pictionary, and it’s a combination of those two all-time favorites. How To Play 1. Before you start, cut several pieces of plain white paper into small rectangles about 3 inches wide by 2 inches long. Provide each player with […]

10 Things NOT to do When Writing a Picture Book

Writing Wednesday

(Reblog – This post was first published on Do you have a picture book in the works? If so, you know they are a lot harder to write than most people think. Whether you’re just starting to write your manuscript or you’re in the final stages of revision, here are some things NOT to do: […]

I’ve Written A Children’s Story. Now What?

Writing Wednesday

Have you ever written a children’s story? Perhaps it’s a bedtime story you told to your child or your grandchild, and you finally got it down on paper. Or maybe it’s a story you wrote to impart an important moral or lesson. Or maybe it’s a story you wrote just for fun. I’ve written all […]

Pass the Story

Writing Wednesday

This is a fun writing activity to do with a group of students to help get their creative juices flowing. You provide them with part of the first line of a story, and the students take it from there! Here’s what you do: 1. Have each student take out a piece of notebook paper.  2. […]

Writing Wednesday: Watching Out for Repeat Offenders

Writing With Kids

This school year, I’m teaching a middle school creative writing class. Most of the assignments are single paragraphs in which the students focus on descriptive writing. Still, I’ve found that many of the “rules” for good writing that we talk about are the guidelines I try to follow in my own work. One of those guidelines is to […]

I’ll be leading a workshop at the Write2Ignite! conference this year.

My topic: Picture Books!

Join me if you can! Early bird registration ends on February 29.

Date: April 1, 2016—April 2, 2016
Event: Write2Ignite! Writing Conference 2016
Venue: North Greenville University
Location: 7801 N Tigerville Road
Tigerville, SC 29688
United States
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Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Writing Wednesday: 180 Days of Journaling Ideas


As soon as my children were able to write, I bought them a journaling notebook. Our early ones had space for drawing too, which was really nice. I would have them start off with about three sentences, gradually work up to five, then just let them go as long as they wanted. My plan was for them to write every day during the school year, and while this didn’t always work out, it gave us something to aim for. If you’re trying to get kids writing, here are enough prompts to see them through the school year.