By Kareena, Age 15, Dubai

This picture that I’ve drawn is of a mosque. Mosque by Kareena

Home, Sweet Home

By Havannah, Age 9, USA

I had just read the website and started sketching out the word home… Then, the rest was history! Made with: Colored pencils, Markers, and a mechanical pencil Home, Sweet Home by Havannah

Elephant (Cartoon)

By Havannah, Age 9, USA

This is a kind of twist on an elephant because I like drawing Cartoons. Made using: Markers, Colored pencils, #2 pencil, and a look at that list. Elephant by Havannah

Blue’s the Name!

By Havannah, Age 9, USA

I was working on my art homework then I got a piece of paper and started sketching. Made with: Colored pencils, Markers, Imagination, and pencils. Blue’s the Name! by Havannah

Friendship Day

By Umme, Age 10, Bangladesh

This pic is done on quater shit paper. It is about friendship day. It tells us how friendship day is celebrated worldwide. Poeple celebrate this by doing different kinds of activities, such as playing games, eating cakes, doing folk dramas etc. Friendship Day by Umme