Miniature sketch work

By Chakar, Age 12, Pakistan

It is a detailed miniature black and white art. It’s done with black pointer. Done on A4 size page.   Miniature Sketch Work by Chakar


By Emily, Age 13, USA

Gaara from naruto. Drawn on a regular sized piece of paper then cut out. Colored with comic markers. All is colored except for the skin Garra by Emily


By Yashodhara, Age 18, India

Hi I’m 18, from india and i love Drawing more than anything, these are done with prismacolors, and graphite pencils thank you       Zendaya by Yashodhara

under the sea

By Maddie, Age 11, Scotland

my art work was inspired by a Disney movie arial and the sea. Under the Sea by Maddie


By Mamoona

  Sometimes you are feeling sad and alone but you even can’t tell anyone that you are sad because you are not able to define that why are you sad because you have alot of reasons to be sad but you don’t know because of which reason you are sad. So, i tried to express […]


By Lucy, Age 11, USA

Bristol paper Mechanical pencil Me by Lucy