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Do you have artwork to share? As long as it’s appropriate for all ages, I’d love to post it on this site!  Here’s how you do it:

1. Take a good quality image of your art.

2.  Send it to me! Be sure to include:

  • Your first name
  • Your age (if under 18)
  • The country where you live
  • The title of your artwork
  • Anything else you’d like to say about your art

Email it to Sam at and put the word “Artwork” in the subject line.

Below is the artwork that’s already been posted. You can scroll through them all  here or click on a particular piece below.

18 and Over

elizabeth-j-white-3 elizabeth-j-white-1  elizabeth-j-white-2 elizabeth-j-white-4 wizzy smiling-snow-leopard-21603017 majesty image3  valentine 1image1 image2  image3 (1) x4 D copy image3 (2)  Myss IMG_20151023_2202302  1 arrogance  Rashmi

image2  image4 C copy B copy Acopy x3 x2 x1  image1    valentine2  valentine3 easter art  20160701_090806_resized  20160701_090331_resized


17 and Under


Penguins on the Ice_June 2015 peacock-21795786 (1) extinct-dino-friends dinosaurdog-in-space-21719384  IMG_5126 (1) sketch elegant horse IMG_5435 Spidy and the Rainbow Bugs (1) 20151025_173547 (1) rooster  FLAG HORSE 001  Harrison 001  Buddy teh pintoloosa 001IMG_5916 IMG_5920   Xmas horse 001 X.mas horse # 4 001  X.mas horse # 2 001 Caracell horse X_MAS HORSE $ 6 001  IMG_591520150830_224304 IMG-20160114-WA0001 20150927_212252 DSC_0548-2 avipsha3 Lakshmi's art  image2 (1)  Black squirrel nibbling an acorn  Art _20160228_175026 IMG-20160228-WA0017  20160306_205958 THE GOOD DIANOSOUR -ARLO 20160413_085113-01  image2  image1  haileyunicorn (2) deer (2)

birds-21747129 glaring-wolf Penguin of Love_May 2015 pEN horse 001 Charcoal HORSE DRAIWNG 001 Notos 001 Molly 001 3rd X-Mas horse 001 magical-butterfly-21625524 parading-penguins-21701402 untitled2 20151025_172629gibran2  ella1 20151025_172624 reilly horse IMG-20160115-WA0001 Pheonix kitty  IMG_6815  image1 (1)   SAM_0214  kingfisher birds  turtle  WP_20160625_21_08_33_Pro



the-big-tree-21810383 image-10 peaceful-sea-at-sunset-21701401 20150715_170711 (1)image1 Foto 09-07-15 19 37 42 Foto 11-08-15 18 48 14 FullSizeRender    gibran1 avipsha4  ManavLandscapeFeb2016  Foto 07-01-16 11 33 21 a.m. Hannah your art NATURE (1) IMG-20160224-WA0014-1 Suchismita Ghosh_8yrs Water Colour   11222053_1479534425700561_6174203318352581810_n 1461853349437-384005262 IMG_20160421_193706   20160428_095001 the landscape

my passion your art-tanishk-4  IMG_20151106_115518_672 Roma's Rose_BW  16_Brimer_Mystery_of_Magic_II_20151 20160312_214813 11755399_1479534489033888_6263428272309672548_n treeIMG-20150902-WA0005


Scenery and Buildings

a-natural-scenery-21638595 IMG_2004 IMG_2002 IMG_20151010_164501 IMG_20150906_130540 back-to-my-drawing-lesson art.dhanvanth IMG_5124 (1) Clouds Speedpaint IMG_0957 20150921_211750 10322742_880153605344524_5519991683292592825_n 1620523_991410877552129_1275346598416754993_n SAM_0075 SAM_0073 dream-house original_url: D7471B1D-CF53-439F-B7A9-07CF3CE915E2  image1 (1)  20150830_223437 Nature  20160301_180504 CITYSCAPE prachi (1) (2) prachi IMG_20160622_222826 IMG_20160622_223611 (1) IMG_20160622_223236 IMG_20160622_223134 IMG_20160622_222951 IMG_20160622_222919  anh





angel-21744683 harry-styles- iggy holding-dreams-21740143 rainy-day-21731361 traditional-dance a-lady-with-a-curly-hair-21711101 treasure-hunt-21692289 9 8 7 5 Iris' Self Portrait 2015 6 untitled HAfsah ViviLnk IMG-20160114-WA0002  Pretty eye 001 IMG-20151103-WA0005 (2) 20151122_224119  20150831_111552 20150830_221857 (1) 20150830_223721 HAfsah 20150830_224331 President Obama African Mother 1

swedish-maid-21659650 xbeauty-is-in-the-eyes-of-the-beholder profile-of-a-young-woman-21664089 my-dearest-friendyashika-21666255 morgan-freeman-21646322 IMG_8108 (1) IMG_5127 (1) IMG_5122 3 2 IMG-20150829-WA0024 (1) untitled4 rumby marylin 001 Dheenah  Braden with background   IMG-20160113-WA0004  IMG-20160115-WA0002 Lakshmis art 2 valentine4 cassie - girl  IMG_2089  Bushman   Young Girl   Sanvi2   Sanvi1  jade

Exif_JPEG_420  DSC_1640 DSC_1459  IMG_20160407_233238 (1)  IMG_20160316_211627 DSC_0018 DSC_0006 Sketch by Swarangi, Age-14, India  DSC_1038  IMG-20160719-WA0003  IMG_20160409_214157  DSC_0967holland




the-great-hulk IMG_5128Pokemon 1   IMG_5919  Spike star wars (2) IMG_20160129_204917 (1)  Untitled-1

cartoons-with-some-love-21719284 my-own-imagenation-21728741 first-time-21631123 fast-fall-21690777 R2-D2_July 2015 10517550_943037545722796_1235215143408640495_n IMG_7021  storm trooper Avipsha1  20160430_230503-1 image3  ant manMilena-Rosic FullSizeRender (1)



dream-car-21644488 graffiti-on-wall sketch Teacher Pet_April 2015 drawing3 10 gibran3 RangeRover DSC_0588  sketch boating MG_5436sketch coke_IMG_5439sketch kettle_IMG_5434drawing2 Flower Vas  IMG_6930 WP_20160703_15_02_32_Pro WP_20160703_15_02_10_Pro


Junimong Drawings

GIRLY GIRL Cute Kitty capanda Bibi  nahyun LaLi kushbu koky JJZahraa

Junimong-Альбина junimong-sketchbook Junimong-Shams Junimong-Rosa_0__ Junimong-onewwifey Junimong-Mabel junimong-♡☆MARTHiTA Junimong-('A`)ネイチャン Junimong -Shams01


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33 thoughts on “Your Art

    • Sure! They’re listed above on this page. Here they are:

      1. Take a good quality image of your art.
      2. Send it to me! Be sure to include: Your first name, your age (if under 18), the country where you live, the title of your artwork, and anything else you’d like to say about your art. Email it to Sam @ and put the word “Artwork” in the subject line.

  1. Hello Samantha. I teach art for kids and I have many good images of their artwork. Can I send some of them to you for contest or they have to send their work themselves?

    • Hi Nina,

      The contests that are listed are ones that other people/companies sponsor, so they would have to send them in themselves (or have their parents help). Some of them require art teachers to submit the work. I wouldn’t be able to submit it for them since I’m not their parent or teacher.

      I’ll be hosting a holiday contest in November/December, though, and those you can submit directly to me. I’ll announce it on November 1. 🙂

  2. I have submitted my daughter Madhurika Sivakumar’s Drawing. I couldn’t see the Image. So I have tried multiple time. Sorry for that. Will I get any notification? how long it takes to upload the image?

  3. Hi Samantha,

    I got inspired by you and your website.
    I would like to share my art work. When I am trying to e-mail. It says invalid address.

  4. Hey Samantha!I love all these drawings.I love the animals best.Im an animal freak.I loved the wolves and horses and dogs and dinosaurs and owls and cows.Even though you didn’t draw them, may you send some art tips and tutorials to me with animals included?The same with writing.Its so confusing.I go onto writing but it just talks about so and so.No tips.No tutorials.No contests.Well, I can’t see them at least.So any contests I could go in for?Anything?Not to boast, but I wrote a six-page story about these wolves that seek a home to live in for the winter, and they find one that belongs to their enemies.The enemies caught them, but they become friends.Soon they become family and they help fight this enemy monster spirit wolf called The Sight.I did it in ten minutes flat.All I got was a tick from my teacher.I was a bit disappointed.Oh dear, I am seriously boasting right now.Onto art again.Art is my second favourite subject at school.We do writing most.VERY rarely we have freedom writing, and it’s so rare we are only allowed to do it once a year or something.On my first day there (yes, I moved) you had to draw these sporty people in a jotter or whatever called a Busy Bee.It has exactly 40 or so blank pages you can draw on.You can draw on the front and back too.My brain used to be spilling out millions of ideas and automatically my hand would draw them and colour them in, but now it takes centuries and centuries to even think of one thing to put in a drawing.It took me nearly the whole drawing thing at school to think up a picture.We were supposed to draw a landscape, but instead I drew a collie on the edge of a hill filled with lavender and flowers and heather and foxgloves,all purple stuff, and then I drew its fur blowing in a breeze, and in the background I did a wee croft with sheep and cows and a barn and a cottage and a little horse and a person riding on the beach and a tractor and somebody shooing the cows away from his crops, and a huge rocky cliff that joined up to where the collie was, with rows of dainty little bungalows and cottages with people holding bread bags or shopping or people sitting on little benches or people walking their dogs or little pies on windowsills with steaming pencil lines coming from it, and I put little bees and bunnies and puppies and cats whizzing around in the grass, the village,and wherever you would least expect them, and gulls and birds flew high up in the sky, or swooped down to a tree branch to have a rest.Thats the long story.The short one is, could you please give me some drawing ideas?

    • Excuse me Miss Bell, I have waited a day or so and I have not got a reply.I checked everyone else’s comments and it said April 2 2015 10:00 or whatever and I see your replies and it says April 2 2015 10:25.Please may you reply because I am desperate and impatient.It is a bit unfair, you talking to everyone else and not me (not to be rude).

    • Maggie! I’m so sorry for the late reply! I had started to write a reply but never got it posted. 🙁 Please forgive the oversight — we have had a lot of company the past few weeks, and the days have been a blur!

      Thanks for the great comment you left! Here’s some pages to look at:

      For Contests: I post new ones as I come across them. There will be a lot more coming up in the fall.

      For step by step tutorials: I’m also working on my first drawing ebook! You can sign up for update and special offers! Click here:

      There are some writing contests out there. I need to make a page for those too. I’ll work on hunting those up this week. 🙂

      Your drawing of the collie sounds amazing! I post daily drawing prompts, but they are very elaborate. Here’s where you’ll find those:

      There are other sites that have very imaginative writing and drawing prompts. Here are some:


      I hope this helps! 🙂

      • Hi Samantha!Im so sorry I was rude with my impatient emotion!I just knew you were brilliant at drawing and I just thought I had no time, but now you are here!Im so sorry, I very nearly forgot about this site.I just wanted to draw something and I couldn’t find any inspirations in the pictures because they were SO detailed when I looked here, then I wanted to post down a comment and I saw your reply!Thankyou.And the kinds of tips are like shading tips, sketching tips, detail tips, or anything like it.I would also like to know where to get some decent stationery, like artist’s paper, notebooks, pencils, ballpoint pens,paint, watercolours and so on.Oh, I forgot you said WRITING tips, not DRAWING tips.Well, with the writing tips are like, how to make the words spring out of nowhere and make the illustrations dance around and move in your head while you read, basically while you read you can see it all happening in your mind.And I really need some describing words!I was thinking of writing down all the describing words I can think of, then put illustrations around it and stick it on my wall, along with a few other dopey dragon drawings and wolf drawings and scribbly printouts.And could you help me with this problem?I write a story and its good at first, then when I keep writing it gets too boring and it becomes a story to a piece of paper scrunched up at the bottom of my bin.Sorry I’m asking so much things, its just I’m the artist of my family, and I desperately need help so I can evolve into a five star-full time-award winning artist in a couple of years.Bye!

          • Hi Maggie, I’m so sorry! I replied to you earlier — did you see it? I just saw where you posted one on the 24th — I don’t know how I missed that one! (We were out of town for about a week, and it was difficult to keep up with things.) I’ll send you an email tonight. 🙂

      • Hey Sam, you see, I’ve got a new laptop, so that means I haven’t got an email page.May I ask how you sent it?I think someone else had this before and they might of had an account on here ( 🙂 ) so I’m kinda worried.

          • When you leave a comment, it asks for your email address. I don’t share that email address with anyone, but I’m able to send you an email if I need to. 🙂

          • My mother showed me your email.Falling asleep on the couch is much more fun than sending an email to someone as rude and boring as me!Im very happy.Thankyou.You are so kind.I will try to send a little picture of my WALL OF ARTS!Ok, that was maybe a bit too dramatic.It includes two pictures of Zootropolis (that fabulous movie 🙂 ),a picture of Scotland when I was seven or eight, a picture of the gang in ‘Fallout’, the survival game that my brother and me play.It has moved to the heart of the gaming sprout now.Also a picture of Ying and Yang, the white and black wolves, anime wolves.It has a picture of my beautiful plastic horse, Chalk, too.Regards, Maggie!