Deadline: September 23, 2017

Like any skill you want to learn, drawing and painting takes practice. The weekly art challenge is designed to help keep you practicing. This week’s theme: PORTRAIT (Not Yourself) View the entries HERE. How the Challenge Works Every Sunday, a new theme will be announced. You create a piece of art based on the theme. It […]

What Should an Aspiring Cartoonist/Animator Be Doing?

Advice from Chris Schweizer, Graphic Novelist

Recently, I had a 16-year-old acquaintance ask about what she should be working on. She wants to go into animation, which I know very little about. So I asked Chris Schweizer, a published graphic novelist, for his advice. His reply had so much good information, and he gave me permission to share it on this […]

Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children (International)

Deadline: Must be received by September 6, 2017

From the Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children Website:  Theme: “Together, we are eco-friendly” Please think about what people can do to protect our precious global environment. In your picture, show things we can do in our daily life. Below are just a few suggestions to help you get started. You could show ways […]

July/August 2016 Challenge Winner!

Category: Buildings and Structures

The entries for the July/August 2016 Challenge went to the judges, and they decided on the top ones! Their decisions were based on adherence to the theme, creativity, and skill level based on the age of the artist.  You can see all the top entries on this page. Each of these top entries received a number. […]